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Custom Sealed Pillow Pouch Compostable Vegetable Clear Cello Bags for Veggies

Compostable clear cello bags serve multiple purposes in the food industry, including packaging fresh produce in grocery stores, farmers' markets, and supermarkets. Feel free to reach out today, send inquiry and make a sustainable packaging choice with BioPack!
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  • customized

  • up to 10 colors

  • Custom Printing

  • customized

  • Cellulose

Product Description

Convenience is what modern people have always pursued, no matter which industry in life they are in. In the food industry, the need for convenience is even more pronounced, especially in the produce industry.

Today let's introduce our collection of Clear Cello Bags for Vegetables! Our custom sealed pillow pouch compostable vegetable bags offer a sustainable and transparent packaging solution for your fresh produce needs. Whether you're a local farmer, a grocery store owner, or a conscious consumer, our clear cello bags provide the perfect combination of eco-friendliness, clarity, and functionality.

Information of our Compostable Clear Cello Bags for Veggies

Product Type clear cello bags Material Cellulose
Printing Digital Printing & Private Label
OEM Service Yes(Logo Printing)
Regulatory Features • The laminate is certified for composting
• Up to 80% or 100% bio based
Veggies, Green leafy, Fruits, Salad and more

Technical Data

· Single layer · Printable · Bioplastic based material

compostable clear cello bags

Advantages of Clear Cello Bags

  1. Visibility: Our clear cello bags offer excellent clarity, allowing customers to easily view the contents, enhancing product presentation, and attracting attention.

  2. Eco-Friendly: Crafted from compostable materials, our clear cello bags are an environmentally responsible choice, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

  3. Custom Sealed Pillow Pouch: Designed with a custom sealed pillow pouch format, our bags provide enhanced protection and freshness for vegetables, ensuring longer shelf life.

  4. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of vegetables, including leafy greens, root vegetables, and more, our clear cello bags cater to diverse packaging needs.

  5. Convenience: With a convenient design that is easy to open and reseal, our bags offer convenience for both retailers and consumers.

clear cello bags clear cello bags

Are Clear Cello Bags Food Safe for Vegetables?

Yes, our clear cello bags are food safe for vegetables. They are made from materials that meet food-grade standards, ensuring the safety and freshness of your produce. Additionally, our bags are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, providing peace of mind for both producers and consumers.

Elevate your vegetable packaging with our Clear Cello Bags for Vegetables, offering transparency, sustainability, and freshness in one eco-friendly solution. Whether you're showcasing leafy greens, crisp carrots, or vibrant bell peppers, our custom sealed pillow pouch compostable vegetable bags provide the perfect packaging solution for your produce. Reach out our team and send your inquiries, experience the difference in sustainable packaging today!

clear cello bags

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I compost clear cello bags with vegetable waste?

A: Yes, our clear cello bags are compostable and can be safely composted along with vegetable waste in a composting facility or compost bin.

Q: Are clear cello bags suitable for storing both fresh and frozen vegetables?

A: While our clear cello bags are suitable for storing fresh vegetables, we do not recommend using them for storing frozen vegetables, as they may not provide sufficient protection against freezer burn.

Q: Can I order custom printing on clear cello bags for branding purposes?

A: Yes, we offer custom printing options to add branding, logos, or product information to clear cello bags. Please contact our sales team for more information on customization services.

Q: Are clear cello bags recyclable?

A: While traditional cellophane bags are recyclable, our clear cello bags are compostable and should be disposed of in composting facilities to ensure proper decomposition.

Q: How long does it take for clear cello bags to compost?

A: The composting time for clear cello bags may vary depending on environmental conditions. Under ideal composting conditions, they typically decompose within a few months.