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Summarize the trends of the packaging industry in 2020 Part 2

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Flexible packaging is a trend that continues to be popular, and there are good reasons for this. The technological advancement of flexible packaging materials makes them suitable for more consumer products today, which were once limited to hard and hard materials. Flexible packaging can absorb all non-rigid materials. The most popular flexible packaging is wrapping paper, bags, pouches and envelopes.

Due to the following factors, flexible packaging has many advantages over rigid packaging:


Easy to store.

  1. It has an extended shelf life.

  2. It is more convenient to open.

  3. Closing or resealing is very practical.

  4. It has a more attractive shelf appeal.

  5. It uses less material.

  6. It improves cost economics.

  7. Lighter weight.

  8. It has better transportation characteristics.

  9. It is more suitable for e-commerce.


Part of the reason why flexible packaging is so prominent is the progress of materials. For many years, most flexible packaging materials have been PVC. This plastic wouldn’t break down or decompose, so it is harmful to the environment. Today, most flexible packaging uses materials made of PE, PET or PP. These high-tech plastics are durable when used, but deteriorate when discarded.


New end-of-life recycling programs are trending and propelling flexible packages even more. More and more new environmentally friendly packaging have received the attention and demand of enterprises and consumers, which has promoted the development of environmentally friendly packaging.



The trend of recycling packaging has never been so popular. The movement started with three generations of principles: reduction, reuse and recycling. Today, the 3-R model has created a circular economy in which it is the main body of the correct packaging product performance. Now, recycling has firmly integrated into the American mentality. Recycling packaging is part of the global sustainability movement.

Technology is also improving the packaging materials industry. Now, advances in plastics and papermaking chemistry have made recycling easier and more convenient than ever. Some of the main factors driving the trend of recycled packaging products in 2020 are consumer choices and company actions. People avoid buying anything packaged in non-recyclable materials, and companies are replacing materials to meet the needs of global sustainable development.



The momentum of the green movement has continued into 2020 and will continue. Every company dealing with packaged goods should consider joining the green trend. Take responsibility through sustainable products and environmentally friendly products.


Many brands are adopting sustainable packaging made of biodegradable materials such as paper or PLA. Others focus on reducing the amount of packaging for each product. This reduces the weight of the product and transportation costs, and conveys a positive message to consumers.


Reduction, reuse, and recycling are part of a responsible green commitment to the world. Consumers today have realized and seriously considered their environmental footprint. More and more people join the ecological struggle and environmental protection actions, and make their own contributions to protect their share of the world. The packaging industry must recognize and respect the desire of consumers to maintain a small carbon footprint. They can do this by making smaller, more environmentally friendly packaging.




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