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BioPack - Your Trusted Sustainable Flexible Packaging Partner

BioPack Co., Limited is a compostable bags company who has high-tech research and development enterprise with leading technology,
specializing in providing compostable bags and biodegradable bags, such as compostable coffee bags, home compostable bags, compostable bags wholesale, recyclable bags and other eco friendly packaging, with health, non-toxic, pollution-free and other characteristics. 

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Our production environment meets with food certification ISO22000, bpi certified compostable bags are 100% compostable which meets EU EN13432 standard and we have got OK-BIOBASED, COMPOSTABLE and BRC certification. It begins with compostable bags supplier BioPack, reduce pollution and protect our earth.

Our Sustainability Mission

BioPack has committed to the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future for years. We strive to help brands minimize their environmental impact by offering innovative, eco friendly packaging solutions that reduce waste and promote circular economy. Our mission is to continuously improve our processes, source materials responsibly, and collaborate with our partners to create a greener, more sustainable world. We believe that by prioritizing sustainability in everything we do, we can drive positive change and inspire others to join us on this journey towards a healthier planet for future generations.