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What Coffee Bags And Posters Tell Us

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There are all kinds of information on the packaging bags and posters of coffee beans. If you can read them, you can know the taste of this bag of coffee.

When purchasing coffee beans, in order to accurately buy the product you like, the first thing to do is to understand the relevant information about the coffee beans.

The most common powdered coffee sold in supermarkets is the product that says "regular coffee" on the package. It is different from instant coffee in that ground coffee powder needs to be extracted with hot water before drinking. Therefore, its raw material name contains the name of the coffee beans, and details such as the country of origin of the green beans, roasting method, grinding degree and other information.

Specialty coffee product information is more detailed, including origin, plantation, and altitude of the planting area. At the same time, the names of varieties such as Bourbon and Typica, as well as production and processing methods, are also clear at a glance. If you can understand this information, you can successfully purchase the coffee beans you want.

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What information is usually included on coffee bags and posters

  1. Countries, regions, and producers: Introduce the production history, regions, and production plantations of coffee beans. "Traceability" of Sheng Doudou is an important element of specialty coffee. The higher the quality of the coffee beans, the higher the transparency of production information.


  2. Varieties: There are hundreds of varieties of coffee beans, and almost all specialty coffee beans belong to the Arabica species. Each variety has its own unique taste. Representative varieties include Typica, Bourbon, Geisha, Caturra, etc.

  3. Grade: Coffee beans are graded according to the altitude of the place of origin, bean size, number of defective beans, etc., indicating the quality. It also affects the price, which is clearly marked in the product name.

  4. Altitude: High-altitude areas tend to have large temperature differences between day and night, producing coffee beans with rich taste. At the same latitude, high-altitude areas are more likely to produce high-quality coffee beans.

  5. Roast degree: Roast degree is also one of the decisive factors in the taste of coffee. You can choose the coffee you want by the degree of roasting: light roasted coffee has a refreshing taste, dark roasted coffee has a richer taste, and medium roasted coffee is more balanced.

  6. Flavor: Coffee flavor is a more specific description and comment on the taste of coffee, which is roughly divided into "fruit" and "nut", and there are more detailed divisions in each category.

  7. Processing methods: Different processing methods will also lead to differences in coffee taste. The main treatment methods include sun treatment, washing treatment and honey treatment.

  8. Roasting date: The flavor of coffee is also affected by the storage state. It is generally best to drink within 1-2 weeks after roasting.

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