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BioPack offers a variety of meat packaging solutions for Meat Packers and Processors. Custom shrink bags, thermoforming film, and vacuum pouches are designed for fresh meat, frozen food, cheese, and poultry packaging.

We are experts in helping our customers with their packaging process and supply chain management, especially with custom meat packaging solutions and poultry packaging solutions. In addition, eco-friendly, customized meat packaging solutions showcase your brand, demonstrate your brand's environmental commitment, and stand out from the fierce competition.
high barrier shrink bags
Low Barrier Shrink Bags
For products that require moderate protection, our low barrier shrink bags are the perfect choice. These bags offer a cost-effective solution while still providing adequate protection from environmental factors. They are ideal for short-term storage and transportation of meat products, such as fresh poultry, gassing cheese, frozen meat etc...​​​​​​​
High Barrier Shrink Bags
High barrier shrink bags are designed to provide excellent protection against oxygen and moisture. These bags extend the shelf life of meat products, maintain their freshness, and prevent spoilage. The high barrier performance also preserves the color, flavor, and nutritional value of the product, making it ideal for fresh red meat, processed, cheese and frozen tuna loin etc...​​​​​​​
shrink bags for chicken