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Side Gusseted Coffee Bag with One-way Degassing Valves

Packing more product in a smaller bag also means you’ll reduce overall material waste after use. The side gusset pouch is eco-friendlier as it occupies very little space at the landfill. Like all our flexible pouches, side gusset pouches utilize a wide range of lightweight packaging materials and film layers for improved sealability, performance and product protection.
  • CB-003

  • Biopack

  • CB-003

  • customized

  • Up to 10 colors

  • Gravure Printing or Digital Printing

  • Accept customized

  • PLA/Kraft Paper/PLA, Accept customized

Product Description

Side Gusseted Coffee Bag with One-way Degassing Valves

Gusset bags are known by many names including flat bottom pouches, box bottom bags, side gusset bags and square bottom pouches. Yet, whatever you choose to call them, their innovative design remains the same.

A gusset bag combines the flat bottom of a box with the flexibility of a pouch, creating a form of packaging that offers both stability and versatility. With their signature flat bottom, gusset bags are able to hold more product per square inch, providing a flexible packaging solution for larger products, with many agreeing that having a wider packaging solution allows for greater visibility of the products inside.

Side gusseted coffee bag with one-way degassing valves

Product Description

Item Side Gusseted Coffee Bag with One-way Degassing Valves
Material Compostable / Recyclable / Post-consumer recycled materials is available
Size Customized

Stand up pouch,flat bottom,block bottom,side gusset,spout pouch,customized

Applications Coffee Beans/Powder
Printing Custom Printing
Colors Up to 10 colors
MOQ 10k
Sample Available

Features & Benefits

Made from 100% recycle materials

Resealable, airtight zipper 

Round hang hole for retail 

Tear notches allow for easy opening 

Food safe material, heat seal 

Customized size, printing color, logo can be available

Packaging And Printing

Gravure Printing & Digital Printing

   Q1:What kind of material it is (PLA) is it from rice, Corn etc?
         PLA is a new biodegradable material made from starch from renewable plant resources (such as maize, rice etc.)
  Q2:What is thickness of this pouches?
         The material is Kraft Paper 45gsm and PLA 40microns.
   Q3: Food grade certificates.
        Yes, we have the food grade certificates like BRC and ISO.
   Q4:Require Report -- Overall migration to Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 and (EC) No 1935/2004 for each product (Material Type).
         About the report, it will be sent after signed a confidentiality agreement with us (the report can't be sent to others or divulging secrets without our consent). Because this kind compostable zipper pouch just can be made by us now in China.
    Q5:Supporting Documents for Biodegradable process Example how long it takes And how?
        The detailed documents will be sent later.

 Q6:Products Suitability

  • Solid Contents for Foods: Candy, Biscuit, Potato Cracker, Spice, Soup Powder, Vegetable, Chocolate, Jerky, Pet Foods, Croutons, and more

  • Solid Contents for Cosmetic and Washing Powder and Other Industry Use: Washing

Powder, Lawn Weed Control Granule, Meadow Grass Mixture, Ant-killer Granule, and


  • Dried Foods: Potato Chip, Raisin, Snack, and more

  • Liquid Contents: Juice, Drink, Mineral Water, Sauce, Ketchup, Milk, Skin Care, Soap

Liquid, Detergent, Paste, Cream, Tea, Coffee, Shampoo, Edible Oil, and more

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