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Biodegradable Compostable PLA Vegetable Packaging Bags

Our compostable vegetable bags is a great alternative to regular plastic bags. These bags can be composted together with food waste and at the same time the vegetable stays fresh longer because of the breathability of our biodegradable vegetable packaging bags.

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  • BIO001A
  • BioPack
  • BIO001A
  • custom made
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  • custom made
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  • PLA

Product Description

Biodegradable Compostable PLA Vegetable Packaging Bags

Product Description

Compostable Vegetable Bags are a great alternative to regular plastic. BioPack is a family of fully biodegradable and compostable bioplastics which use renewable resources to provide a solution with low environmental impact. BioPack products can solve specific environmental problems in various sectors, such as foodservice, retail, packaging and separate collection of organic waste and agriculture. All BioPack bags are fully biodegradable and compostable and, as such, can be reused also for the separate collection of organic waste. Compostable vegetable bags are certified compostable according to the European Standard 13432 standard.

Vegetable Packaging Bags

Product Description

Product Type Vegetable Packaging Bags
Material PLA/PLA
Printing Gravure Printing(Up to 10 Colors)
OEM Service Yes(Logo Printing)
Certification DIN, BRC & ISO audited


· Nuts & seeds
·Dried Friuts

Technical Data

· 3 layers laminated
· Thinkness: 100-150U
· Paper based material
· Printable
· OTR - 0.2(25ºC  0%RH)
· WVTR - 160(38ºC 90% RH)
Regulatory Features • The laminate is certified for Industrial Composting
• Up to 80% or 100% bio based

Pruduct Show

100% compostable bag
Packaging and Printing
100% Recycle Fsc Certificated Kraft Paper Bags Biodegradable Plastic Bags

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Except Compostable Vegetable Packaging Bags ,we are also professional on compostable coffee bag,compostable food packaging bag,stand up pouch,gusset bag and flat bottom bag.

Such as:coffee bags,pet food bags,tea packaging bags,spout pouches,biodegradable bags as so on .

We are not only a manufacturer, but also your expert flexible packaging solution provider.

product types


Q1:What kind of material it is (PLA) is it from rice, Corn etc?
         PLA is a new biodegradable material made from starch from renewable plant resources (such as maize, rice etc.)
Q2:What is thickness of this pouches?
         The material is Kraft Paper 45gsm and PLA 40microns.
Q3: Food grade certificates.
        Yes, we have the food grade certificates like BRC and ISO.
Q4:Require Report -- Overall migration to Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 and (EC) No 1935/2004 for each product (Material Type).

         About the report, it will be sent after signed a confidentiality agreement with us (the report can't be sent to others or divulging secrets without our consent). Because this kind compostable zipper pouch just can be made by us now in China.
Q5:Supporting Documents for Biodegradable process Example how long it takes And how?
        The detailed documents will be sent later.
Q6:Products Suitability
     Dry products
     Oil based products
     Acid based products

Warm Tips:

Save time quickly get customized products prices ,just provide the information below:

1. Bag type.

2. Material structure and thickness.

3. Application of the packaging.

4. Bag size(Width & Length & Gusset).

5. The printing area and color.

6. If possible,pls provide the picture or artwork of the packaging,If you are not clearly ,we will recommend for you.

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