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Know more about sustainable packaging solutions

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Flexible packaging has always been a smart packaging choice for consumers and brand owners when comparing its inherent attributes to other options.

Brand Owners Consumers
Extended shelf life Convenience
High product to package ratio Portability
Lightweight means lower transportation costs per pound of product Easy to open and close
Less material to landfills Extended shelf life
But when the product has been consumed and the package is empty, the flexible packaging ends up in the waste stream and ultimately a landfill because multi-material laminates cannot be effectively or efficiently recycled.

100% recyclable flexible packaging

The buying habits of a growing number of consumers across all demographics are being influenced by sustainable practices and eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. These consumers also do not want to give up the convenience, protection and features they have come to expect from flexible packaging. It’s important for brand owners to be responsive to these dynamics

Recyclable Packaging Bag – The Solution

Simply put,100%  recyclable flexible packaging can deliver to all the critical requirements. Survey after survey shows consumers prefer brands that use environmentally friendly packaging. Now, for the first time, your brand can be packaged in 100% recyclable packaging that offers the protection and convenience consumers have come to expect with the eye-catching graphics that will help you stand out on the shelf. Our recyclable flexible packaging is available as bags, pouches or roll stock.

As a brand owner, you can be on the forefront of the curve, responding to what your customers want, fulfilling your corporate sustainability goals and owning the role of influencer in your market segment with 100% recyclable flexible packaging.

How Does This Solve the Challenge?

• Responds to the increasing consumer demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

• Meets the challenges of brand owners desiring recyclable packaging because they value sustainable practices and want to be responsive to consumers

• Responds to consumer cohorts that place great importance on the performance, convenience, transparency and structural integrity that has previously been achievable only with flexible packaging made from multiple layers of different types of films that are not recyclable

• Our 100% recyclable packaging is constructed entirely from supported polyethylene.

• The outer layer (print side) is engineered to accept clear, sharp, eye-catching printing and the combination of the sealant layer with the print layer creates the structural “backbone” to present well on the shelf in a stand-up pouch format.

Our 100% recyclable packaging bags are widely used in various industries, including food, snacks, pet food, pet treats and consumer products.FDA certified for food contact.

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